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AQ, or Adaptability Quotient, is a holistic measure of workplace adaptability. The higher your AQ, the more likely you and your team will be able to recover from setbacks, find alternative solutions to problems and embrace change.

Why is AQ important? Adaptability is one of the most in-demand skills. McKinsey research identified it as the #1 predictor of future employability and yet only 1 in 4 employees has high AQ levels.

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"90 percent of executives recognize the need to act on their organization's capability to grow, but only 5 percent believe they already have the capabilities required."

McKinsey, State of Organizations 2023

Adaptability Will Power Tomorrow's Success

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their adaptability.

The number one most in-demand skill for work, and employability. Our AQme assessment is science-based, engaging, and comes with a personalized report and actionable insights. Make the intentional switch from surviving to thriving now. 



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Based on academic and organizational research

Ability AQ.

Is Your Team Built To Grow?

There are five key factors that predict adaptability at work. The ability to unlearn is the most important, yet 65 percent have low or medium levels. Other factors include grit, resilience, mindset, and mental flexibility.

Character AQ.

Is Your Team Hardwired to Thrive?

Nearly half of employees are motivated to prevent failure. Employees that are proactive are best at change. Other factors include your Emotional Range, Intra/Extraversion preference, Hope, and Thinking Style.

Environment AQ.

Does Your Culture Foster Innovation?

Nearly half of employees do NOT have positive workplace experiences. Even someone with high adaptive skills and an adaptable personality can struggle if the environment negatively impacts adaptability.

Disruption-Driven or Improvement-Oriented?

The TeamAQ assessment highlights two additional and distinct adaptability profiles:

Explore & Transform (Disruptors) and Utilize & Improve (Incrementalists).

Both have their unique strengths and are crucial in different contexts.

Which one is better? It depends. How competitive is your industry and markets? How quickly are AI and other technologies changing the way you do business? Do you teams have the ability to adapt as quickly as change demands? AQai can help!

"40 percent of global CEOs think their organizations will no longer be economically viable in ten years' time."

PwC’s 26th Annual Global CEO Survey

"Success in life isn’t based on your ability to change.

It’s is based on your ability to change faster than your competitors, customers, and business."

Marshall Goldsmith

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