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We have entered the fastest period of change the world has ever seen. Fast Company recently shared "we are approaching the fastest, deepest, most consequential technological disruption in history." There’s a real danger that millions of people and thousands of organizations will be left behind. Experts at McKinsey & Company estimate the change is happening ten times faster and at 300 times the scale than it did in the past, or roughly, 3,000 times the future. In other words, American scientist and futurist Ray Kurzweil believes "the 21st century will be equivalent to 20,000 years of progress." Adaptability is a prerequisite to transforming the way individuals grow, and the way your teams and business reimagine their future.

Unfortunately, research reveals that only 1 in 4 employees have high adaptability levels.

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To grow and thrive in this Never Normal, it is important to have the right tools. Whether it is a change in circumstances or a change in the way we do things, having the right tools can make all the difference. As Global Thought Leaders in the Future of Work, we offer 3 revolutionary and innovative tools to help guide you on the journey and develop the mindsets and skills you need to not just survive, but grow and thrive.


In 2009 Simon Sinek started a movement to inspire people to do the things that inspired them. The pandemic hit us a decade later and forced us to change the way we live, work, and interact with others. For many people, this has been a time of reflection and re-evaluation. Millions of people started to ask, "WHY are we doing what we're doing? HOW should we do it differently? WHAT role should work play in our lives?" Now more than ever, we need to be reminded of what inspires us and keep moving forward. "Discover Your Why" is a 5-minute, 10-15 question survey, designed to help give you clarity and the ability to make the best decisions about your future. Immediate and accurate results.

Adaptability Starts with AQPlus Growth Mindset

AQplus Growth Mindset is a world-class, fine-tuned micro-learning and coaching experience designed to help you develop the adaptable mindset required for today's ever-changing world! Over the next 30 days, you're going to experience a program unlike anything else you've done before. This isn't an online course. It's not a series of emails with inspiring quotes (even though it'll include plenty of those!) And it's not a training portal that you've got to remind yourself to come back to. 

Adaptability Quotient (AQai) is a game changer!

The adaptive, agile, and innovators are thriving. But not everyone has adapted so well. As humans, some of us have limits on our innate adaptability. Some boundaries are imposed by our ability. Others are defined by our character (personality) and environment. Pioneering research by Adaptai dissected these boundaries and identified 17 dimensions that can impact our ability to adapt successfully. Get ready to adapt, grow, and thrive in the era of Never Normal. AQai is an assessment unlike any other. Learn more here!

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We know how to get you there because we've been there. Founded in 1999, our president Ira S Wolfe is recognized as one of the top Global Thought Leaders in the Future of Work, HR, and Leadership by Thinkers 360. Our team of expert strategists has been in your shoes, which enables us to serve you better.


"While we have the potential to capture the extraordinary societal benefits that [4th Industrial Revolution] technologies unlock, our ability to do so depends on an unprecedented transformation of society."

James Arbib and Tony Seba

"In essence, we must unlearn the things that have taken us this far – a task that is extremely difficult for humans."

Frank Diana

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