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Navigating today’s ever-accelerating world can feel like trying to catch a high-speed train on foot. Wishing to be faster won’t make it so, and motivational speeches won’t get you to the station on time. You need the nimbleness of a sprinter, the endurance of a marathon runner, and a team ready to match that pace with you. But how do you rally an entire organization to rise to this level, from the executive boardroom to the front-line operations, without the cost and time of one-on-one coaching for all?

Enter AQPlus. We get it – assigning a personal executive coach to every employee isn’t feasible, and not every manager can juggle their own tasks while effectively coaching their team, even if it’s part of their job description. AQPlus is here to steer you through these challenges and equip your organization to thrive in this high-speed reality.

With AQPlus, we empower your teams to make change work. Your organization and employees will experience rapid change like never before, yielding real, tangible results that drive your organization forward. It’s not just about keeping up; it’s about empowering every employee with the ability to grow and thrive in an uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. With AQPlus, get ready to scale up, break barriers, and spearhead your organization’s growth like never before. The future waits for no one. Seize it with AQPlus!


What is AQPlus?

AQplus is a world-class, finely-tuned coaching experience designed to help you develop the adaptable mindset required for today’s ever-changing world!

Here’s what each 30-day learning experience looks like?

Content Chalenges

You're going to experience a coaching program unlike anything else you've done before. This isn't an online course. It's not a series of emails with inspiring quotes (even though it'll include plenty of those!) And it's not a training portal that you've got to remind yourself to come back to.

AQPlus is based on the evidence-based learning approach of microlearning. Far from being just a buzzword, AQPlus has been designed around how our brains process information. Our attention span is limited, so long videos or sessions can become ineffective after a while because it's hard for the learner’s brains to focus that long. Microlearning aligns with this reality by offering  bite-sized learning activities delivered over mobile devices and designed for quick consumption. Each activity is built in short chunks, between three and ten minutes long — short enough to keep a learner’s attention focused from beginning to end.

The AQPlus

Ready to take the first step toward boosting personal growth and professional success and turning uncertainty and challenges into possibilities and opportunities within your teams? Here are the types of experiences you can expect over the next 30 days

World-Class Content

You'll discover videos, podcasts, and articles from experts and leaders in the resilience space.


Learning new content isn't enough. You'll be challenged to put what you've learned into practice. At the center of this 30-day experience is the week-long Bounce Forward Challenge!

Going Deeper

Do you want more? We get it. You're one of the superstars that want to go deeper. Don't worry. We've got you covered and will provide several opportunities for you to discover more world-class mindset content.

Habit Builder

We know that turning a new behavior or mindset into habit doesn't just happen in 30 days. Towards the end of each experience, you'll have an opportunity to develop a system that will hold you accountable for transform your potential into capability over the months and years to come!

Guided Journal

Self-reflection and processing your experiences are essential for growing and building resilience. We'll provide several opportunities for this along the way.

WARNING: Change doesn’t come easy and it’s not automatic. Surveys indicate that as many as 90 percent of employees, including executives, are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. AQPlus is your blueprint for accelerating adaptability, scaling growth mindset and building resilience in your organization quickly.

Experience AQPlus 30-Day Micro-Coaching

Here are a few daily growth mindset building experiences you’ll get:

Here are a few daily resilience building experiences you’ll get


I definitely liked the experience, and it helped me overcome some difficulties, and be a little more positive, setting and keeping goals for myself.

Levente Engineering Manager

AQPlus was Interesting and helpful. Certainly thought provoking and I expect to go back and reference them from time to time.

Kurt Program Manager

I like how short the exercises are and how easy they are to respond to.

Val Chief of Staff

I really like it. Makes me feel positive every day.

Jatu Technical Lead

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