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In a rapidly evolving world, embracing a growth mindset isn’t just an advantage—it’s a necessity. AQPlus invites you to experience AQPlus Growth Mindset, a service meticulously designed to enhance your team’s ability to adapt, learn, and grow, irrespective of circumstances. The world is progressing at a faster pace than anyone ever imagined. Is your team and organization ready?


Growth Mindset: A Crucial Ingredient for Success

In a dynamic, unpredictable world, a resilient, growth-oriented mindset is the ultimate tool for success. AQPlus Mindset cultivates this ability, the foundation of a high AQ. It offers a revolutionary service based on a proven microlearning approach designed to boost individual and team adaptability and constant learning. Equip your employees and teams for a future of endless possibilities and don’t let challenges stand in your way.

Empower Your Team's Mindset

Embracing change and confronting obstacles with a proactive, positive mindset is what sets successful teams apart. AQPlus Mindset integrates principles from neurolearning, microlearning and positive psychology to create a custom learning experience that stimulates each employee’s growth mindset. Unleash innovation, foster open-mindedness, and enhance productivity with AQPlus Mindset.

Cultivate an Organizational Growth Mindset

In today’s ever-evolving business environment, a growth mindset is not merely beneficial—it’s critical. AQPlus Mindset is your partner in fostering a culture that welcomes challenges, embraces change, and ceaselessly innovates. By promoting learning and growth, we prepare your team to overcome any hurdles and seize opportunities in the market landscape.

The AQPlus Approach


Our AQPlus Mindset program is rooted in contemporary research and best practices in psychology, neuroscience, and organizational behavior.

Sustainable Change

Our aim is not merely temporary improvement; we instill a growth mindset that endures and enables continual progress.

Expert Guidance

Our team of Certified AQ Practitioners offer invaluable insights and guidance on your journey to cultivating a growth mindset.

Microlearning Approach

We employ a 30-day microlearning strategy, offering compact yet influential mindset lessons that can be easily integrated into daily schedules, complementing existing coaching and learning initiatives, or utilized independently.

AQPlus Bundled Experience

AQPlus Mindset can be bundled with our AQPlus Resilience experience (as well as future experiences like Grit, Mental Flexibility, and Unlearning), setting your employees and organization on a trajectory towards embracing challenges, persevering through setbacks, and viewing effort as a path to mastery.


Unleash Your Mindset Potential

Experience accelerated success with AQPlus. Begin your transformational journey to personal growth and organizational success today. The time for a powerful mindset is now.

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